SEIDs – Social Enterprise Ideas Development – is the social innovation and enterprise strategy of Caritas Westminster. 

The strategy consists of the following elements:

  • Developing products and services which can be taken to market
  • Partnerships with other social enterprises and companies
  • Procuring services and products from social enterprises
  • Establishing a social enterprise hub (incubator) to foster and grow social enterprise business opportunities

Why SEIDs?

Decent work is hard to find.

In London the majority of people living in poverty – 58% -are living in a working family.

That’s 1.3 million people living with in work poverty.

21% of people employed in London are paid below the London Living Wage rate of £10.20 an hour.

SEIDs – Social Enterprise Ideas Development – exists to change the lives and opportunities of people who are without work and in poverty as well as those who are in work and in poverty.

Decent and dignified work is at the heart of SEIDs.

The best way to move someone out of poverty – whether in work or out of work – is to give them an decent and dignified job – one that pays a sustainable London wage and one that provides a working environment where people and profit co-exist together without one at the expense of the other.

Social enterprises – businesses that trade for a social purpose – are one way we believe this can be achieved.

That’s why we have set up a Social Innovation & Enterprise Hub at Wembley – to assist business start-ups become viable opportunities for decent work, and a Property Services Enterprise working across north London – to provide training and employment on the job as a pathway into decent work.

SEIDS is a direct expression of the vision of Caritas Westminster: Caritas Westminster seeks to bring about a society where everyone lives a life of dignity and worth. 



The Hub is a ‘social enterprise community center’ offering a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities for those who have a social enterprise or social business idea.


Property Services 

SEIDs Property Services provides high quality painting and decorating and general maintenance services at an affordable price.  

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